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Sarah stars in that there was no keeping her or her brother from following in their father’s footsteps.“Having grown up around it, it just seemed like such a natural thing for [Dan and I],” she says.“I don’t ever remember not wanting to [pursue acting].” Here, she tells us about the episode she can’t wait to share and the perk of not playing a Rose. This year she’s integrated more into the lives of the Rose family.There’s a great episode where Johnny actually starts helping Twyla work in the café. Was it appealing to you to play a role that isn’t a member of the Rose family? When the show first came out, everyone assumed I was the sister.O' Hara concurs, sharing that her mantra has long been, "When in doubt, play insane, because you don't have to excuse anything you do or say." Levy, 69, replies, "Yeah.People who just don't quite get it, to me, were the funniest people." And O' Hara, 62, adds, "If you're funny to begin with, you can't lose playing stupid and cocky." These two Canadians, who couldn't be more understated in real life, are, in fact, the reigning king and queen of improv comedy, leaving even the likes of Stephen Colbert starstruck in their presence.

While Johnny (Eugene Levy) continues to explore business opportunities that could help his family’s plight, Moira (O’Hara) finds herself faced with difficulties while on Town Council.

As the two honed their chops, they briefly dated, but decided to remain just friends. "We happened to be the castmembers at the time," says O' Hara.

"It was kinda lucky." Levy emphasizes, "It was just a local show when we started," but with talent like the two of them and John Candy, Andrea Martin, Rick Moranis and Harold Ramis, it soon became big and ultimately catapulted them into other exciting opportunities, including hilarious blockbusters.

That was wonderful to be able to basically spend a full episode with Dad. I love that that wasn’t the case, because it has fully removed me from the hubbub of Daniel and Dad being father and son onscreen.

What’s it like for you to watch your brother and co-star Annie Murphy play out arguments as siblings on TV? It’s so funny to see Annie push his buttons further than I would. OK, I’m going to let her do the talking.” It’s great. I loved that people didn’t know that I was related in any way, because I was able to do my own thing.