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He was always a silent kind of person and I was the chatter box.

Then she caught a glimpse of him in a news Lovely Vanessa March, two years married and very much in love, did not think it was a strange for her husband to take a business trip to Stockholm. She never thought to look for her missing husband in Vienna -- until she saw him in a newsreel shot there at the scene of a deadly fire.

The price depends of the duration from one hour to one day – or more!

The perky waitress called Lucille from Moulin Rouge is entertaining with brilliant wordplay and interactive slapstick while she walks from table to table.

Then she caught a glimpse of him in a newsreel shot of a crowd near a mysterious circus fire and knew it was more than strange. Vanessa is propelled to Vienna by the shocking discovery.

In her charge is young Timothy Lacy, who also has urgent problems to solve.