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Unlike home versions of Symantec anti-virus programs, which always display a system tray icon, Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition will not appear in the system tray by default if you installed the program as a managed client, controlled along with other computers' installations from a central console.

If you want the icon to appear on managed clients, or if your icon has disappeared from an unmanaged client, you can manually set it to appear. Right-click on the server group, client group or parent server containing the computer on which you want the icon to appear.

If you are having trouble installing Symantec Anti Virus, common causes are other Symantec components from different versions of Symantec or Norton Anti Virus, or a previously corrupted or cancelled installation.

There are two tools from Symantec that will remove several Symantec products and allow you to have a fresh start to install Symantec Anti Virus.

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The software can be configured with several instances of Management Servers and Management Centres deployed across the network, and careful planning of a complex installation beforehand will be time well spent, building in load distribution and resilience factors right from the start.Clients retrieve their updates from the group management servers, which in turn retrieve their updates from either the primary server or from Symantec's own Live Update servers.This minimises Internet traffic while spreading the load on the LAN. Once the initial installation is completed almost everything else can be deployed from the Management Centre, including any secondary management servers.If not, reopen Registry Editor and browse to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run" and select the "Run" folder. Type the location of on your computer, which will either be "C:\Program Files\Symantec_Client_Security\Symantec Anti Virus\Vptray.exe" or "C:\Program Files\Navnt\" You can check which location has the file by browsing to both locations in Windows Explorer and looking for it manually.Aaron Parson has been writing about electronics, software and games since 2006, contributing to several technology websites and working with News Hour Productions.

Updating symantec antivirus corporate edition