Doesnt deserve dating

I’ve had plenty of gentlemen (swear, I’m not bragging) tell me they didn’t deserve me.The majority of the time I thought they were just being cute, but eventually I learned a few of them really meant it and the relationship ended.

While some of it's still sweet, some of the cute things your boo says might actually be a sign of something wrong.It’s chance, it’s luck, it’s being in the right place and right time.You wont get what you deserve just by playing into respectability politics.Have you ever longed for someone’s affections, only to be told some version of: “It’s not you, it’s me.” “I’m just not feeling it.” “Let’s just be friends.” “I think the timing is wrong.” “We don’t have the right chemistry.” If you’ve finished elementary school, you probably have!If you have ever been on the wrong end of an unequal relationship, you know how terrible it feels.