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I want to convert the given date into UTC format in javascript and pass on to server.

I am converting like below with help of moment js library var extract Time = new Date(timeof.bgdate); var d = extract Date(); var m = extract Month(); var y = extract Full Year(); var h = extract Hours(); var mm = extract Minutes(); var my Date = moment(new Date(y, m, d, h, mm)).utc().format("YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm"); Created plunk : COo Jq XMHGz CD8B5Ld L?

Actually internally JSON is changed and it is correct as well because when I print the same date it is correct but while display only it shows incorrect time (shows current time) like below last entry.

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p=preview it alerts "Sun, GMT -- Mon, GMT" I m in 2 timezone DST on, so hour should be alerted as 16 but it is alerting 15 because it subtracted extra -1.

I tried removing all the elements from json and start putting one by one again but no success.

I am new to Javascript and need help on date time api.

I am asking user a date on which some specific task to execute.