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It’s also taught me that you can’t react only to what’s on the table in front of you; you’ve got to be able to consider the reasons behind the moves. Plus, it’s completely acceptable to talk a ton of shit to each other, which is another great way to get to know someone. Do you have a secret chess move or signature play that translates off the board into relationships? Fool’s Mate — you get checkmated in two moves, which means you’re easy. I am so into this bartender in my neighborhood, but can’t find the nerve to ask her out. Also, try going during a non-peak hour for conversation.

Anticipation of someone else’s moves not only makes surprises all the more fun, but keeps the connection alive and vibrant. did something, you may react for the wrong reasons. Don’t you look back and think of how awesome that was? You can learn a lot about a person by the way they play chess. Masochistic, because it teaches you to be assertive, but can also teach you to be too aggressive and overcompensate. How long do I have to wait it out before I can throw in the towel? Is the difference in intellect really that big of a deal? From a chess player’s perspective, you don’t want to always strategize; if he can’t hold a conversation, it’s time to move on.

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