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I’m a woman who wears hijab and these are my experiences,” she told the Fashion design Aside from fencing, Muhammad also founded Los Angeles-based clothing brand Louella which specialises in “modest fashion”.

The brand features an array of long dresses, tunics, skirts and many of the models advertising the clothes wear a hijab.

She has since said there have been instances where she has felt unsafe in the US and described an occasion a man followed her home and tried to report her to the police.

The rhetoric even entered mainstream politics last year when Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called for a temporary ban against all Muslims entering the US.The lota is a magical chalice for our peoples – it’s a traditional hand-held vessel that contains water to assist in our bathroom “activities.” Using a baseball lineup analogy, toilet paper and moist wipes are a “leadoff” hitter, but the lota functions as the “clean-up hitter,” the player with the power to bring all the players to home plate. Not long ago, an American Muslim family was detained at the airport and interviewed by the FBI. We stared at each other for several, uncomfortable seconds.They had aroused suspicion by “lingering” near the airplane bathroom and asking for a “cup” to perform a “religious custom dictating cleanliness.”I can certainly sympathize. “Yup – thirsty.”And then I proceeded to drink the water.When you look at Aliya Naim or Nadia, they don’t want you to see objects of beauty, nor do they want you to see women constrained by societal standards.Instead, they say, they want to be judged by their intellect and personalities.